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  • Trash Cannon: Episode 1 – Crazy Fat Ethel 2

    Friend of the show, Early Modern historian and cinema iconoclast Chad Denton has launched his new podcast, Trash Cannon. For some reason, he asked me to guest star on the inaugural episode, discussing the occasionally-notorious Criminally Insane 1 and 2 – better known by their much better titles Crazy Fat Ethel 1 and 2. We […]

  • Guardians of a Podcast from the After Movie Diner

    A new theatrical comic book movie means I once again stepped into the sheltering arms of the After Movie Diner. We discuss the state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at End of Summer, 2014, the various vagaries of Marvel’s 616 universe, both past and present, and a whole mess of other fun stuff along the […]

  • A Podcast From The After Movie Diner: Reborn

    As has become tradition, I sat down with the Supreme British Intelligence and All-Around Awesome Man of Action Jon Cross, inside his After Movie Diner, to discuss the latest superhero shenanigans. Our conversation began with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and, as has also become tradition, spread out from there to touch upon almost all […]

  • Traumatic Cinematic Show Ep. 75: Godzilla vs. Hedorah

    Sometimes with a title so big, so large, sooo enormous the Traumatic Trio has to call in backup. This time around the guys are joined by a buckeye licking show know as Idle Chatter. These boys showed up with their A game and we quickly weigh them down to our standard D+ standard. This is the […]

  • This Week on Traumatic Cinematic: 7/1/13 w/ Promoter Adolfo G. Dorta

    In this episode we had the pleasure of sharing our excitement and anticipation with Adolfo G. Dorta , promoter of Days of the Dead. Mr. Dorta is more than just the face leading DOTD he is the heart that keeps the fake blood flowing. We ask him simple questions, we ask him some tough ones, and we even […]

  • Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 73: Phantasm

    Something is wrong in Mike Pearson’s small town of Anywhere, USA: the death rate is climbing and the dead are coming back to life as angry Jawas. The local mortician, the Tall Man, has superhuman strength and a squadron of flying cybernetic death balls to do his bidding. He may be an alien. He may […]

  • A Podcast from the After Movie Diner For All Seasons

    RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MP3 In honor of everyone’s eternal love for the first two Superman movies, I joined AYTIWS theme song writer and friend to all sentient life Jon Cross in his After Movie Diner to discuss these seminal examples of the superhero sub-genre. We owe them more than we can ever say, […]

  • Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 72: The Thing (w/ Chris Blair)

    “Lingering odors of machine oil contrasted sharply with the taint of harness dressing and leather. Yet, somehow, through all that reek of human beings and their associates – dogs, machines and cooking – came another taint. It was a queer, neck-ruffling thing, a faintest suggestion of an odor alien among the smells of industry and […]

  • This Week on Traumatic Cinematic w/ Haunter Nick Tyson

    Seven days have passed and here we are once again offering you an update of pop culture of the last week. In this episode the Traumatic Trio continued their trek down the Road to Days of the Dead and have invited a haunter and costumer Nick Tyson to walk a couple of miles in their shit kickers. […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 70: Shaolin Soccer

    For a moment there, around 2004, everyone was talking about “Kung Fu Hustle” – the eccentric martial arts comedy from writer/directer/star Stephen Chow. If only we’d known, at the time, that Kung Fu Hustle was but the tip of an iceberg Chow, and long time comedic collaborator Ng Mang Tat, had spent years building for themselves […]