The Stories

The Fiction:

Stygian: Something is wrong in Seth Walsh’s home of Truman, Missouri. The year is 1999 and the influence of Seth’s demonic father stalks the hearts and minds of Truman’s citizens, driving them to increasingly shocking acts of violence. As the New Millennium dawns, Seth races to stop this premature apocalypse…while in the shadows, two of Seth’s classmates plot to force the end all by themselves.

@ Arkham Tales

Inconvenience: A short horror story of mine appeared in issue six of this wonderful online “weird” tales PDF magazine…which, in case you didn’t know, comes to you thanks to the mad dreams of webmaster, cool-person, and all around Pickman’s Model, Nathan Shumate.

The Nonfiction:

@ Within the Empire

Science and the Occult: A Weird History – Part I: Over the last four hundred years, science and the occult have enjoyed a strange, complex relationship. Partisans for both sides would have us believe that relationship ended in a bitter, drawn-out divorce sometime in the nineteenth century. This is an illusion. As is so often the case, the reality is much more complex, and much weirder, than that.


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