Traumatic Cinematic Show Ep. 75: Godzilla vs. Hedorah

TC Episode 75

Sometimes with a title so big, so large, sooo enormous the Traumatic Trio has to call in backup. This time around the guys are joined by a buckeye licking show know as Idle Chatter. These boys showed up with their A game and we quickly weigh them down to our standard D+ standard. This is the very last stop on the Road to the Days of the Dead and we will be joined IN PERSON by the Idle Chatter show Saturday July 6th at the Days of the Dead horror convention.

Worry not because everyone made it out alive and learned a little something about recycling and not littering! Tune in folks for an interesting orgy of podcasters fighting to get their opinion heard. Is Godzilla vs. Hedorah your favorite? Which of the personalities will love it or hate it… Listen to find out.

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