And You Thought It Was Safe(?) is a website of pop-culture criticism written, produced and directed by David DeMoss. Begun on a dare after a vehement disagreement with Roger Ebert over the relative merits of Godzilla, AYTIWS germinated in free-hosting Hell for two years before joining the Cold Fusion Media Empire in 2001, through the graciousness of its Emperor, webmaster, and all-around cool person, Nathan Shumate. Whose books you should buy. In bulk. Man’s got kids to feed.

Like so much of the web, AYTIWS is a work in progress, currently running on a weekly schedule with new, spoilerriffic, completely-unsafe-for-work reviews going live each Wednesday and Friday morning. Expect incidental bits of fluff posted throughout the week as time, life, and the Author’s personal tastes dictate.

Those too fearful of technology to use the comments field at the bottom of each review can contact AYTIWS central through the medium of email. Send your Fear and/or Loathing to david(dot)demoss(at)gmail(dot)com. And, as always, pleasant reading.