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  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 76 – Days of the Dead Act I

    Days of the Dead 2013 Indy brought the Traumatic Trio together for the first time and after 4 days we gathered some incredible content which we now give unto you. In this episode, you’ll find interviews with Leslie (Police Academy, Halloween, Devils Rejects,) Easterbrook and an official Monsters Among You tag team, featuring Jeff Wickedbeard Cochran and […]

  • This Week on Traumatic Cinematic: 7/1/13 w/ Promoter Adolfo G. Dorta

    In this episode we had the pleasure of sharing our excitement and anticipation with Adolfo G. Dorta , promoter of Days of the Dead. Mr. Dorta is more than just the face leading DOTD he is the heart that keeps the fake blood flowing. We ask him simple questions, we ask him some tough ones, and we even […]

  • Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 73: Phantasm

    Something is wrong in Mike Pearson’s small town of Anywhere, USA: the death rate is climbing and the dead are coming back to life as angry Jawas. The local mortician, the Tall Man, has superhuman strength and a squadron of flying cybernetic death balls to do his bidding. He may be an alien. He may […]

  • Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 72: The Thing (w/ Chris Blair)

    “Lingering odors of machine oil contrasted sharply with the taint of harness dressing and leather. Yet, somehow, through all that reek of human beings and their associates – dogs, machines and cooking – came another taint. It was a queer, neck-ruffling thing, a faintest suggestion of an odor alien among the smells of industry and […]

  • This Week On Traumatic Cinematic: 6/9/13 – w/ Author Sara Brooke

    7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes later we have a new full week of Traumatic Cinematic. Shows are ending, weddings are red, and we need a new doctor in the house! The Traumatic Trio is at it again reflecting on the past and predicting the future of pop culture and the events we find current. […]

  • This Week on Traumatic Cinematic: 5:25:13: XboxNun

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed We have packed this episode edge to edge with current event goodness! Given that two out of three of us are based in Indianapolis this show might be a little local this week with Memorial Day and the Indy 500 race. Mike had the opportunity to check out Jay & Silent […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 66: Tetsuo: The Iron Man

    Being three proud citizens of the U.S. of A., Our Heroes had to wait a week before Iron Man 3 debuted in their local theaters. To distract ourselves from the injustices of international Big Studio release schedules we traveled back to Tokyo and that magical time in the late 80s when technology and the occult were conspiring […]