A Podcast From The After Movie Diner: Reborn

Winter Soldier

As has become tradition, I sat down with the Supreme British Intelligence and All-Around Awesome Man of Action Jon Cross, inside his After Movie Diner, to discuss the latest superhero shenanigans. Our conversation began with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and, as has also become tradition, spread out from there to touch upon almost all aspects of modern superheroic entertainment. Including, but not limited to, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Jon stopped watching before Jamie Alexander showed up, poor man) the Marvel One-Shot short films, its upcoming Netflix original series, its upcoming (rumored) regular TV series, and even a few comic books, while we’re at it.

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One thought on “A Podcast From The After Movie Diner: Reborn”

  1. Hello David,
    Please excuse my intrusion into your everyday, week, month routine on this site.
    I have observed you have a light and avid following. (This is the only time I’ve visited here). I only accidentally found you while on a rabbit hunt this evening, having nothing whatsoever to do with books, people, movies, reviews or media I can think of at all! Ha!
    You caught me because you listed book reviews and there was some tag to “Groundhog Day”, the Bill Murray movie.
    I liked it, your review and the movie.
    I chased myself around your site from on place to the next with no purpose other than an interesting perspective on sites such as these and diversion.
    I’m going to say right now, I’m an old person. Not quite dead, but in your reckoning old still. I do not mind at all. My years are well spent and I dare say, I’ve grown up in a time you would not have minded, if you could have been as enlightened as you wish.
    Movies were a BIG DEAL in my childhood. Forgive me David, but you do understand, right? You know when I read and watched you (I didn’t link to others) I realized how much I’ve had you won’t know. You won’t, dear boy. Now now, (what DOES that expression mean actually?? I don’t know?? LOL!) I mean that only with good wishes. If you are saying to yourself, well, if I won’t have it, I won’t need it!! How true!! I would miss some of the movies and the things they brought me through my life.
    Oh, I do KNOW, at your house you are a man! I have no wish or need to challenge you on this point!! It’s time. And don’t tell yourself you have to get older!! NO! You are where today is yours, right? Just so.
    There are a couple of things I would like you to factor into your own gaze at that screen no matter what the size of it.
    I’m glad you are looking. I’m glad to see you and others have live minds!! Good for you, and those who do now and will find their journey with you. Bravo!
    And, when you are able to move past the review part of this part of your life, please broaden some parts of those passionate views (the bigotry of the South of the USA is NOT inherent nor is it more one one side than the other-ask a human who knows, not a movie who doesn’t, okay??) and hold on with all your might to those who make you, and hone you to something bright!!
    You have so MANY ideas!! No, David they are NOT all correct. Wait, this is not a debate over culture, this is truth you will find along your way because you ask your questions. No doubt!! AND, some of your information is incorrect. That’s also a treasure of your short time (it does seem longer some days or even hours) watching movies and giving your time and heart to reviews.
    I’m not appropriate for your site other than that little bit for you to know from a person fallen from the sky while scientists study the tail of Halley’s comet.
    My wishes for a continued group of like and dislike minds you may brush up against and exercise that passion by which you guide yourself.

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