Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 73: Phantasm

Traumatic Cienmatic Ep. 73

Something is wrong in Mike Pearson’s small town of Anywhere, USA: the death rate is climbing and the dead are coming back to life as angry Jawas. The local mortician, the Tall Man, has superhuman strength and a squadron of flying cybernetic death balls to do his bidding. He may be an alien. He may be a Highlander. He may already know Mike is on to him. He certainly knows more than the Traumatic Cinematic crew. Join us as we examine Don Coscarelli’s nightmare opus of psychedelic late-70s horror madness: Phantasm. Will it be the classic fright fest everything says it is, or is the game now finished and do we all die?

You can (and should) find Chris (@Suicidal812) Blair at his Facebook page and on Twitter @Suicidal812. Also check out Monsters Among You group! Don’t forget that you can MEET Chris and US at Days of the Dead Indianapolis July 5-7 2013. Also check out the THIS WEEK on Traumatic Cinematic show Chris did with us a few weeks ago. Act 1 – The Traumatic Trio shoots the shit and explores the interesting hobby Mr. Blair has (cos-play.) They also start to explore the film too! Act 2 Intermission- Some music from the movie… you should know it. Act 3- The levels of hell called back our demonic interview so the Traumatic Trio delve deep into this classic.

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