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A Podcast From the After Movie Diner to Kill For

A dark night in a city that’s terrible at keeping secrets is much easier to get through with friends. So I’m once again honored to join Jon “Kick-Ass Kid” Cross, and his partner in movie commentary, Dr. Action, to discuss Sin City (the books), Sin City (the film), Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and what the nine-year wait between films cost us (RIP Michael Clarke Duncan). As always, you can check out all of Jon’s work at the After Movie Diner’s website, and hear he and Dr. Action talk over your favorite (or not-so-favorite) action films of the 80s and 90s at Dr. Action and the Kick Ass Kid Commentaries.

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A Podcast From The After Movie Diner: Reborn

Winter Soldier

As has become tradition, I sat down with the Supreme British Intelligence and All-Around Awesome Man of Action Jon Cross, inside his After Movie Diner, to discuss the latest superhero shenanigans. Our conversation began with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and, as has also become tradition, spread out from there to touch upon almost all aspects of modern superheroic entertainment. Including, but not limited to, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Jon stopped watching before Jamie Alexander showed up, poor man) the Marvel One-Shot short films, its upcoming Netflix original series, its upcoming (rumored) regular TV series, and even a few comic books, while we’re at it.

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A Podcast from the After Movie Diner For All Seasons

AMD Superman


In honor of everyone’s eternal love for the first two Superman movies, I joined AYTIWS theme song writer and friend to all sentient life Jon Cross in his After Movie Diner to discuss these seminal examples of the superhero sub-genre. We owe them more than we can ever say, so consider this yet another way of paying it forward…apart from my own reviews on the subjects, of course.

Jon would like me to remind you that After Movie Diner Podcast is available for download/listening to across all devices on a number of platforms. Pick the one that suits you best today and subscribe

The After Movie Diner Podcast is available for download/listening to across ALL devices on a number of platforms. Pick the one that suits you best today and subscribe!

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The Great and Secret Podcast from the After Movie Diner

The After Movie Diner Podcast vs. Clive Barker

Internet sensation Jon Cross and our own Swedish correspondent, Filip Önell, unlock Lemarchand’s box and explore the films of, by, and based upon the works of Clive Barker in this truely epic Podcast from the After Movie Diner. Listen as your hosts explore Rawhead Rex, Hellraiser, Nightbreed, Candyman, and whatever else pops into their heads on the road to the Dreamsea. Give it a download, won’t you? Be its victim!

Jon’s site, The After Movie Diner

Filip’s site The Swedish Cinemasochist

Full disclosure: I, and by extension And You Thought It Was Safe, received what I believe you English call a “right proper” in the midst of the following discussion. If I’ve done nothing but connect intelligent, articulate, and downright hilarious people, despite the literal oceans between them, then these mad piles of swearing, invective and spelling errors have not all been in vain. And if the Iad Uroboros broke through tomorrow, I’d great them a happy man with both middle fingers in the air.

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A Podcast from the After Movie Diner Rises

The After Movie Diner Presents The Dark Knight TrilogyBecause there’s no such thing as too much Batman, my superhero expertise and I joined the incomparable Jon X of The After Movie Diner to discuss the whole of Chris Nolan’s trilogy, from the Bat’s humble Beginnings to his still-recent Rise.

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