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  • Traumatic Cinematic Show Ep. 75: Godzilla vs. Hedorah

    Sometimes with a title so big, so large, sooo enormous the Traumatic Trio has to call in backup. This time around the guys are joined by a buckeye licking show know as Idle Chatter. These boys showed up with their A game and we quickly weigh them down to our standard D+ standard. This is the […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 70: Shaolin Soccer

    For a moment there, around 2004, everyone was talking about “Kung Fu Hustle” – the eccentric martial arts comedy from writer/directer/star Stephen Chow. If only we’d known, at the time, that Kung Fu Hustle was but the tip of an iceberg Chow, and long time comedic collaborator Ng Mang Tat, had spent years building for themselves […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 69: Dead & Breakfast

    The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 69: Dead & Breakfast

    “I’ve heard complaints… but I can’t remember what they were about” –MuGumBo Sometimes the film you bought on a whim from the Wal-Mart bargain bin turns out to be a hidden treasure. You know you have something special but you can’t know just how special unless you share it with others. That is the story […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 68 – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    We’re not shy about our love of Terry Gilliam around here. So join the Traumatic Cinematic crew as we journey into a desert so damn real one must soak oneself in dangerous drugs just to get a handle on it. From the mind of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and the dark heart of the early-70s […]

  • This Week on TCEvents 5-11-13: Are Aliens the New Zombies?

    The trio have been re-united and the formula has been locked in! Things at the Traumatic Cinematic studios are really picking up with the sudden way of listeners from the multiple new venues where our show is available. Welcome one and all and please come back! There is lots here and we really want to […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 67: A Toot of Stardust

    Keep your Percy Jacksons, your Eragons, and your Wardrobes. The Traumatic Cinematic Podcast is going over the Wall and into the head of modern comic book god Neil Gaiman as we discuss the 2007 adaption of his graphic novel Stardust. How did we (good comic book and fantasy nerds all) miss a film that looks […]

  • This Week on TCEvents 5-04-13

    In a blink of an eye the last 7 days are gone and here we are bringing the world another addition of our Events cast. Mike and MuGumBo bring you the highlights in pop culture while Mr. DeMoss slipped away for the evening to attend Iron Man 3‘s opening night. Hear Mike’s C2E2 recap from […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show, Ep. 61: Ip Man

    As March-ial Arts month come to a close the trio picked a modern Wushu film based on a legendary Wushu master. Legend and lore has it Ip Man (or Yip Man) trained the kung-fu film legend Bruce Lee and the trio delves deep into this story to see if any truth is in these rumors. […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show, Ep. 60: Another Django Heard From

    It has taken slightly over a year but the Traumatic Cinematic show has finally logged their 60th episode. In celebration, and to keep in line with March-ial Arts Month, the trio delved deep into Takashi Miike’s spaghetti western kung-fu extravaganza Sukiyaki Western Django. This is not the first nor the last Miike experience for the […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show, Ep. 59: Fearlessly Drinking Sassafras

    This is our 2nd installment in our March-ial Arts month spectacular and we bring you Jet Li’s “last martial arts movie” Fearless. We invited a special guest on the show from the Movies, Cigars, and Beer podcast Keith Hughes and we give him the Traumatic Cinematic royal treatment. Tune in to find out if Mike […]