This Week on TCEvents 5-04-13

TCEvents-logo-01In a blink of an eye the last 7 days are gone and here we are bringing the world another addition of our Events cast. Mike and MuGumBo bring you the highlights in pop culture while Mr. DeMoss slipped away for the evening to attend Iron Man 3‘s opening night. Hear Mike’s C2E2 recap from last weekend, some exciting Gen Con 2013 news, listen while MuGumBo opens Magic the Gathering booster packs, and hear the two’s opinions on our favorite TV’s shows that aired this week. Don’t be surprised to hear some solid David DeMoss impersonations while listening.

Mike’s Show Notes-

Free Comic Book Day!!

There should be meteors visible saturday night into sunday.  We should be able to see it okay from here in Indy:
There’s a “teaser trailer announcement” up for Ender’s Game, out 11/1.  I won’t be going because Orson Scott Card can eat a dick.
Disney announced Oliver and Company on bluray 8/6
Marvel Studios has officially reclaimed movie rights to Ghost Rider and Blade, along with the Punisher and Daredevil that they got last month-ish.
Michael B. Jordan is up to play Johnny Storm in a new Fantastic Four movie. The internet is currently losing its collective shit.
New Pacific Rim footage/trailer from Wondercon:
Robert Downey Jr wants Ben Stiller to direct his Pinocchio movie. Yes. You just read those words.
The person who designed the poster for Lars von Trier’s new movie Nymphomaniac is like a minimalist Georgia O’keefe

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