The Traumatic Cinematic Show, Ep. 61: Ip Man

The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 61: Ip ManAs March-ial Arts month come to a close the trio picked a modern Wushu film based on a legendary Wushu master. Legend and lore has it Ip Man (or Yip Man) trained the kung-fu film legend Bruce Lee and the trio delves deep into this story to see if any truth is in these rumors. Donnie Yen leads the cast in this amazing tail of action, suppression, and uprising. Join the @TCPodCast crew in their discussion and review of this semi-biographical account of Yip Man and be amazed with the skills and fighting styles the crew brings to the table. Tune in to witness Mike Wickliff’s Midwestern Devastation Panda Paw Wing Chung style. Admire for the first time in 200 years Mr. DeMoss’s West Coast Negative Angst Whooping Crane Bitch Slap method. And before you leave you will see for the last time performed in public MuGumBo’s Flying Dragon Spinning a Yarn Eight Legged Spider Boxing style.

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