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  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 57: Foxy Brown

    To close out Black History month we at the TCPodcast studio decided since we’ve already tasted the modern throwback Blaxploitation film Black Dynamite we needed to also view one of the greatest and most copied films from the genre. Pam Grier plays the ever so sexy badass in this 1974 cult classic Foxy Brown and […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show, Ep 56: Black Dynamite

    William Bruce West (@WilliamBWest) joins the crew as we celebrate Black History Month with the 2009 retro blaxploitation extravaganza, Black Dynamite. Find William Bruce West on Twitter @WilliamBWest and check out his website williambrucewest.com/ Send hate mail to TrauamticCinematic@gmail.com Find us on Twitter at @GenXnerd, @Greymattersplat, ,@AYTIWS, and the whole cult @TCPodcastCrew Check out our site traumaticcinematic.com Check […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 54 – Groundhog Day

    A holiday so insignificant that most people forget when it even is but that didn’t stop the @TCPodcastCrew from featuring it for an episode. The guys discuss one of Bill Murray’s best films so tune in and find out if any of the guys see their shadow or if an early spring is on it’s […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show, Ep. 53: 80s Month #4: Cloak & Dagger

    80?s month has come to an end and to finish it off proper the trio delves into a Dabney Coleman classic Cloak & Dagger. Find out what the inside of a Atari cartridge should look like, if there is life after staring in ET, and how people communicated before cell phones. Will Mr. DeMoss crack […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show, Ep. 52: 80s Month #3: Re-Animator

    Who hasn’t wanted to dabble in the fine art of bringing the dead back to life? Well in this weeks episode the trio delves deep into the warped mind of H.P. Lovecraft and the film Re-Animator which is loosely based on one of his stories. Will the crew succeed in bring back a recently deceased […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show, Ep. 51: 80s Month #2: Buckaroo Banzai

    To keep in line with the all 80’s Traumatic Cinematic month the crew watched and discusses a mid 80’s classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Find out the varied opinions on this cult flick and learn why some of the guys think the whole production was a inside joke. Remember we […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Episode 46 Silent Night Crappy Night

    It seems @Cm_MattD didn’t get enough of the bad touch his first time around on the show so he has plugged in and donated his sexy northern accent once again to Traumatic Cinematic. The trio gets down and dirty with a holiday seasonal slasher that will fill buckets full of bad. Silent Night Deadly Night […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Episode 45: 3 Wizemen Productions

    This week two thirds of the TCPodcastCrew gets up close and personal with one third of and the voice of 3 Wizemen Productions Corey Miller. Listen to them discuss the motivations of indie film creation along with all the things that influence them all to do the things they do around and with film. Also, […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Episode 44: Critical Mass Cinematic

    November turned out to be a month filled with special guests. This week’s guest is the curator of the Twitflix.net movie tweet-along group and founder of the site http://criticalmassesmedia.com/ Sir @CM_MattD.  Mike and MuGumBo to break this new soul into the does and don’ts of podcasting. Mr. Matt will never be the same again and we are […]

  • Traumatic Cinematic Show, Ep. 42: Gobble Gobble Mother F*%$ker

    Nothing says “Happy Thanksgiving” like the killer turkey movie called ThanksKilling. The TC trio brings you a special episode this week with a whole lot more flavor than just a film review. They also interview one of the leading actors from the film “The Nerd” Ryan Francis. So while you driving across the country to […]