Traumatic Cinematic Ep. 69: Dead and Brekfast

The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 69: Dead & Breakfast

Traumatic Cinematic Ep. 69: Dead and Brekfast

“I’ve heard complaints… but I can’t remember what they were about” –MuGumBo

Sometimes the film you bought on a whim from the Wal-Mart bargain bin turns out to be a hidden treasure. You know you have something special but you can’t know just how special unless you share it with others. That is the story of this weeks film folks. No “Universal or Disney” media engine behind this title pouring millions into distribution and advertising. Nope the only thing that attracted me to Dead and Breakfast was its title, cheap price, and cover. I found it years ago and have shared it with many many people. Now I have shared it with the TCPodcast crew and hopefully with those of you at home. Witty hip-hop narration wrapped tight with a tongue in cheek humor drives this modern zombie flick into future cult status.

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