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  • An Announcement: Down with the Sickness

    Sorry, guys: those twelve days of silence were brought to you by the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever had and my recovery from it. Normal service should resume shortly, I just wanted to drop you all a line appreciating your patience. I’m currently writing next week’s reviews…which largely means re-tooling the plans for last week’s […]

  • Our Greatest Challenge

    Recorded in 2009: my grandfather – displaying one of his many superpowers – provides a beautiful answer to a stupid question.

  • An Announcement: In Requiem

    My grandfather, Col. Herbert E. Carter (USAF, Ret.) died Thursday afternoon at the East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika. He was 95. He is survived by his three children, including my mother, and an ever-increasing number of grand- and great-grandchildren, all of whom are slowly but surely making their way down south this week. Including me. […]

  • Revenge of The Traumatic Cinematic Podcast

    In this, the thirty-second episode of Traumatic Cinematic, I re-join hosts MuGumbo and Mike (@Greymattersplat) Wickliff to discuss the especially traumatizing, but surprisingly varied, career of Takeshi Miike, director of (among many other things) Audition, Hara-kiri: Death of a Samurai and 13 Assassins. As before, we used this as our excuse to discuss many other wonderful things, such as: remakes that […]

  • Return of The Traumatic Cinematic Podcast

    Having had so much fun with the Dark Knight Rises episode, we triumphantly returned to The Traumatic Cinematic Show to discuss the two hours of glorious pain that is The Raid: Redemption (plus whatever else we come up with to distract ourselves). Join the incomparable Lewis “McGumbo” Cougill, the excellent Mike “GreyMatterSplat” Wickliff, and me, […]

  • Gone Conning…

    As you’ve probably noticed, they’ll be no Friday review this week so that we here at AYTIWS Central might batten down our hatches for a quick trip up the coast. By the time you read this, I’ll most likely be on the road, headed to Geek Girl Con 2012 in Seattle. I’ll do our best […]

  • A Podcast from the After Movie Diner Rises

    Because there’s no such thing as too much Batman, my superhero expertise and I joined the incomparable Jon X of The After Movie Diner to discuss the whole of Chris Nolan’s trilogy, from the Bat’s humble Beginnings to his still-recent Rise. Download this podcast (right click; “save target/link as”) Want Jon to rope me into more shows? […]

  • A Podcast from Traumatic Cinematic

    In my quest to spread across the internet like a sentient Idea Virus I lent my Batman expertise to The Traumatic Cinematic Show. Join me and its incomparable host, McGumbo, as we discuss 2-Headed Shark Attack, the state of modern film criticism, and some little movie about a rich guy who dresses up like a […]

  • Coming soon…

    Cover image by Roger Johansen. Design by Fifth Planet.

  • A Podcast from the After Movie Diner Walks Among Us

    Having connived and blackmailed my way into become his “fount of all comic book knowledge and information” I sat down with Jon X of the After Movie Diner to discuss all six of the films that currently compose Earth 199,999 (otherwise known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Listen here or you can visit the After […]