Our Greatest Challenge

Recorded in 2009: my grandfather – displaying one of his many superpowers – provides a beautiful answer to a stupid question.







5 responses to “Our Greatest Challenge”

  1. Ricardo Cantoral Avatar
    Ricardo Cantoral

    It’s a simple question but not a stupid one.

    1. David DeMoss Avatar
      David DeMoss

      I’ll let you and Grammar Cop fight that one out. Hell, I’ll even sell the popcorn…at inflated Alabama prices, naturally (popcorn not guaranteed).

    2. Michael O. Avatar
      Michael O.

      I tend to agree that it isn’t a stupid question. Certainly it isn’t an original question; it’s one that is frequently asked of those who have had to live in the times and circumstances your grandfather did. Col. Carter’s answer is one that needs to be heard; it speaks of a quiet dignity that in and of itself speaks volumes about what kind of person he was, and what kind of people those like him were. It’s the kind of thing that redeems my faith in humanity and preserves my hope for the future. (Yes, I’m African-American, and I’m probably the only member of my family who hasn’t written off [White] America as beyond redemption.)

  2. David Lee Ingersoll Avatar

    Your grandfather was awesome. And, clearly, a very generous man.

  3. carol Avatar

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing it.

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