An Announcement: Down with the Sickness

Sorry, guys: those twelve days of silence were brought to you by the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever had and my recovery from it. Normal service should resume shortly, I just wanted to drop you all a line appreciating your patience.

I’m currently writing next week’s reviews…which largely means re-tooling the plans for last week’s that I didn’t get to, occupied as I was by Magog larvae. We’ll just pretend that didn’t happen and start next week up fresh and ready. In the meantime, here’s this thing I found that has nothing to do with anything. I just found it an exceptionally well-edited piece of music video work that deserves more study and/or attention. I’m sure, in some wacky parallel dimension where I teach editing classes instead of taking them, some better-paid version of me is already using it as the basis for a six-week course. The most succinct description I can give it? “Tron: Legacy in four minutes and twenty-seven seconds.”


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