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  • Election 2016 – Oregon Primary Day – An Exercise in Over-analysis

    Politics in My Fair City is bananas, you guys. In these types of articles, it’s customary for The Author to make some pretentious argument for why his slice of the U.S. is a microcosm for the Nation as a Whole. But given all the geographic and demographic factors at play, Portland, Oregon, might as well […]

  • Our Greatest Challenge

    Recorded in 2009: my grandfather – displaying one of his many superpowers – provides a beautiful answer to a stupid question.

  • An Announcement: In Requiem

    My grandfather, Col. Herbert E. Carter (USAF, Ret.) died Thursday afternoon at the East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika. He was 95. He is survived by his three children, including my mother, and an ever-increasing number of grand- and great-grandchildren, all of whom are slowly but surely making their way down south this week. Including me. […]

  • Gone Conning…

    As you’ve probably noticed, they’ll be no Friday review this week so that we here at AYTIWS Central might batten down our hatches for a quick trip up the coast. By the time you read this, I’ll most likely be on the road, headed to Geek Girl Con 2012 in Seattle. I’ll do our best […]

  • Coming soon…

    Cover image by Roger Johansen. Design by Fifth Planet.

  • Return of the Podcast from the After Movie Diner

    No, I’m not dead, I’m just on vacation, thousands of miles from my equipment and the numerous films on my To Review list. That’ll continue for (at least) the next eleven days. In the meantime, enjoy this episode of the After Movie Diner podcast, in which host Jon Cross and I discuss three DIY superhero […]

  • A Podcast from the After Movie Diner

    Last week, I sat a spell in the After Movie Diner and discussed the always-hilarious topic of film Censorship with musician and podcast host Jon Cross. Along the way we touched upon This Film is Not Yet Rated, The Last Days of the Boar, Monty Python’s Life of Brian, Sam Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs, That […]

  • If God is Willing and da Creek Don’t Rise (2010)

    Man, Spike Lee just can’t win. Oh, don’t get me wrong: he’s a successful, independent filmmaker, three words you don’t see strung together very often. So long as he’s making Serious (Fictional) Drama’s about Serious (Fictional) Black People suffering from Seriously Fictional Problems your average movie critic’s content to churn out a gutless, wishy-washy write-up. […]

  • New Orleans: In Everlasting Memory

  • Memo From New Zealand: Twilight Kills!

    Wednesday night, police discovered a twenty-three year “transient” slumped in his car, dead, outside a Wellington, New Zealand theater screening of Eclipse, the latest film installment in the unfortunately-popular Twilight series. To paraphrase my favorite Quaid, I’ve been saying it for years. (Ain’t I been sayin’ it, Miguel?) Twilight is undeniable blueprint for murder, more […]