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  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

    I’ve never been able to take pirates seriously. I blame Peter Pan. Neverland-centric adventures were the only context in which I encountered pirates during my land-locked childhood. Seeing them perpetually made fools of by a pack of flying children (who may or may not have been vampires, led by one of the darkest Dark Princes since […]

  • Elysium (2013)

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 78 – Days of the Dead Act III

    Join the Traumatic Cinematic Trio as we delve deeper into the final Days of the Dead 2013. IN this episode, Danny Trejo discusses Machete 3 – In Space, Keith David gives valuable life advice and talks about his new Fox show Enlisted, and producer Doug Sackmann discusses his upcoming film Crossbearer. All this and much, […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 77 – Days of the Dead Act II

    The Traumatic Cinematic Trio continues their coverage of Days of the Dead 2012! In this episode, we sit down with Tyler Mane (X-Men, Halloween, Joe Dirt, Halloween 2, Troy, and the upcoming Compound Fracture) Following that is the deep sexy voice from The Nightmare Man (Dexter Experience, The Governor, and Freddy.) Then we are joined by […]

  • The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 71: Cemetery Man

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Are you sick of American comic books and the movies they inspire? Do you despise armies of sanctimonious do-gooders in armored tights? Do you long to read comics about self-obsessed death-mongers and their never-ending battles with the undead? Well…you’re probably already reading The Walking Dead. But just in case you aren’t, […]

  • An Announcement: Days of the Dead Tripper

    If you find yourself in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, between July 5 and July 7, the Traumatic Cinematic crew and I will be attending the Days of the Dead convention at the Wyndham Indianapolis West hotel. Come for the stars – including Haruo “original Godzilla” Nakajima, Keith David, Tony Todd, Linda Blair, both Buseys (Gary and […]