The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Ep. 57: Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownTo close out Black History month we at the TCPodcast studio decided since we’ve already tasted the modern throwback Blaxploitation film Black Dynamite we needed to also view one of the greatest and most copied films from the genre. Pam Grier plays the ever so sexy badass in this 1974 cult classic Foxy Brown and we get elbow deep in it. The trio invited 3 Black Geeks to join in and Chris Powell represents them and the East Coast verses MuGumBo’s Midwest style and DeMoss’s West Coast jingle. Tune in to find out where Wickliff was, see if DeMoss and Chris Powell start a coast to coast podcast war, and if Antonio Fargas is the Steve Buscemi of Blaxploitation films (spoiler alert: he totally is).

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