The Traumatic Cinematic Show: Episode 44: Critical Mass Cinematic

November turned out to be a month filled with special guests. This week’s guest is the curator of the movie tweet-along group and founder of the site Sir @CM_MattD.  Mike and MuGumBo to break this new soul into the does and don’ts of podcasting. Mr. Matt will never be the same again and we are proud to be served with the lawsuit for doing such damage!

At the half there is a special message from our friends at The Cultural Gutter so listen for it and check their campaign out at

Remember we have a voice mail now s you can troll the show with easy from your cell phone! 765-396-8666

Find us on Twitter at @GenXnerd, @Greymattersplat, @CM_MattD, @AYTIWS, and the whole cult @TCPodcastCrew

And we have a spiffy newly cleaned site Make sure to go to the Traumatic Cinematic Store and buy the most expensive thing there.

Download the episode here (right click, save target/link as)

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