Tag: Roger Corman

  • Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film (2009)

    While it may or may not be “the best documentary of its kind in years,” Nightmares in Red, White and Blue is certainly the most comprehensive. Covering almost one hundred years of American horror film history, Nightmares is not a film you watch so much as absorb. It deserves its own study guide, and that’s […]

  • Sharktopus (2010)

    Now here’s something we haven’t seen in awhile: a Roger Corman movie. And goddamn, the man’s still in fine form, making films that are nothing if not honest. “Hello,” they say, “I’m crap. And honestly unashamed. At least I came in on time and under budget. I’ll make money, and keep my Master in food […]

  • Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

    ou have to wonder what goes on in Roger Corman’s smooth, smooth head. Wait, no you don’t. Certainly not anymore. These new “Roger Corman Classics” discs each come stamped with a personal reminiscence from the Man Himself. Mr. Corman, it seems, is growing into his Cult Icon status quite well. Almost seems as if he’s […]

  • Carnosaur (1993)

    Do we really need to go over just how much this movie rips off Jurassic Park? No? Okay, good. Saying that Roger Corman makes his pay check on the backs and creativity of others is stupidly redundant. Redundant like saying, “Armageddon sucks!” Unfortunately, whenever Corman steals a concept he always runs with it beyond the […]