7 thoughts on “John Dies at the End (2012)”

    1. Indeed, I do know. Yours was the second or third voice I heard singing its praises last year, so this review owes at least twenty percent of its existence to you. Feel honored!

    1. Glad you’re glad, Edward. Gladder still to see you around these parts. Pull up a chair, stay awhile. The natives are…passionate, but in a good way. For the most part.

  1. I just watched this last night. I wasn’t going to watch your review without having seen the movie first so having your review exist spurred me into seeing the film. And I’m glad I did. Now to go read the book.

    1. I consider that a Mission: Accomplished. Thank you for telling me. My friend put it the best possible way: “They only filmed half the book.” And now there’s a sequel. Hope you enjoy at least as much as we have out here in Can’-Ka No Rey.

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