9 thoughts on “The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)”

  1. Of course, with the new better image quality of your reviews, that Gen 13 footage in the credits now looks even worse.

    Hmmmm. I’m a guy on the internet complaining about entertainment that’s being provided for free. Damn. That’s sad.

    1. Don’t be sad – you’re absolutely right. The whole intro’s going to need an upgrade as soon as my schedule clears up (insert fit of unbelieving laughter here).

  2. I’m pretty sure that scene of a high freshman making high high-schoolers laugh by noting the phoniness of high school is how Jerry Seinfeld got started.

    I didn’t mention it on your last show, but I too appreciate your investment in better filming equipment.

    1. Thank you. And, yes, Seinfeld just had the presence of mind to do that in New York City, where all the important people live. Especially the gatekeepers of our cultural industries. In comedy, as with much else, hard work and talent don’t amount to a hill of beans if you’re born in the wrong place or fail to schmooze with the right people. How else do empty-eyed vipers like Daniel Tosh and Lena Dunham get their TV shows and keep them on the air? It’s certainly not a question of quality.

  3. That must be why I keep coming back to this site, your cynically sour intellectualism and persistence in the face of a world that says it wants to help you, implies you should just get out of its face, and actively benefits others. It reminds me of my home in the Central Midwest.

    Viva St. Louis

    I’d say you sum up most of the entertainment world and most of the money flow in the US right there in four sentences

  4. The truthiness factor for high school life was so high on this movie that I didn’t even realize it was early 90’s until this review. And yeah, who doesn’t want Emma Stone to give them a little milkshake?

    1. I know, right? If not for the lack of cellphones and the fact typewriters were still in use…thank the old gods we came in on the tail end of that era, when the only spell-check around was your copy of the dictionary.

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