The Traumatic Cinematic Podcast vs. Peter Jackson (Part The First)

Yeah, he's one of us...
Yeah, he’s one of us…gooble-gobble…

I’ll tell you, a part of me twitched and spasmed with joy when I found out I’d be discussing Meet the Feebles and Dead Alive (that’s Brain Dead if you live in a civilized country) with my fellow devotees of early Jacksonian cinema MuGumBo and Mike “@GreyMatterSplat/Rondo Hatton” Wickliff. Not that the Takeshi Miike and Raid episodes weren’t awesome…but for me, any opportunity to discuss Early Jackson is another order of awesome entirely. I figure we could spin at least two more podcasts out of his pre-Fellowship work alone. You could do worse than give us…oh, say…five hundred million or so dollars so we can go make that happen. Or you could rate and review the show on your podcast network of choice and force it upon all your friends. Bodily, if necessary.

Download the episode here (right click, “save target/link as”)

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