4 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk (1977)”

  1. Ah, the 70’s Incredible Hulk. I remember seeing the DVD for the pilot (which was packaged with the episode that had Banner and Hulk confronting each other in his mind) at a $5.00 bin at a Cracker Barrel. Bought it, loved it. In fact, I like all the hulk movies, even the action heavy reboot. (And I gotta agree with you that the 2003 Hulk in vastly underrated).

    1. I bought the same DVD from the Target down the street from my house in 2003, along with a similar 2-pack involving Returns and Trial of. Needless to say, I liked the one a hell of a lot more than the other. And don’t get me started on Death of.

  2. I appreciate the craft that went into this movie and the series that followed. It wasn’t the version of the Hulk that I wanted to watch – not enough monsters or “Hulk smash!” – but I was a kid. There were never enough monsters on prime time TV for me.

    1. And there still aren’t, to this very day. Which, I feel I should stress, is not an endorsement of any new Hulk TV series that may or may not be in Development Hell as I type this.

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