6 thoughts on “Spider-Man 3 (2007)”

  1. Hello David. Excellent review, especially the the use of the Bullshit Song from The Return Of Captain Invincible. I love it to death, it so perfectly encapsulates my feeling on certain films (i.e. Bayformers) I asked you this on the TGWTG comments and I don’t mean to be annoying, but will you do an Amazing Spider-Man Review while it’s still in theaters?

    1. Yeah, I pretty much have to at this point, don’t I? It’s not a Ghost Rider 2 situation, where I know they’ve just ripped-off a better film I already own, and while I share the rest of the Internet’s misgivings, I’ll admit to saying the fanboy prayer: “Please, gods, don’t let it suck.” Because I really don’t want it to. It doesn’t have to: First Class pretty much proves that. But we won’t know for a month, so I plan to put it all firmly out of my mind until then. Prometheus hasn’t even come out in my town yet.

    1. As would I. We’ll see. And thank you: I tried to end it on as strong as note as possible, considering Spider-Man’s place in my heart and #3’s place in my personal pantheon of Shockingly Bad Movies.

  2. I saw The Amazing Spiderman today and it’s was so derivative of what Marvel has already done it proves that the execs behind the film really must think their audience is that stupid and given the box office numbers, they are right.

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