7 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man (1977)”

  1. Yeah. I saw it the night it broadcast. Yeah. I hated it. And, yeah, I watched every episode of the series that followed. And hated them too. Life really sucked when there were only three networks.

    1. And it wasn’t all that better when there were only four. I remember when Fox became the fifth and it was like a new continent rose up out of the ocean.

      I take it other people should avoid the rest of the series, then? Because that’s what I plan on doing.

      1. I grew up reading Spider-Man and that love of the character (plus the lack of anything better on television) got me to watch that series. Once. Seeing clips from it again in your review summons up the kid in me that saw the series and that kid was bored and annoyed. Life is too short to waste time reviewing any further episodes.

        1. I’m totally counting PBS. Master Piece Theater, Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour…Yeah. Totally counting that. So Fox gets fifth billing…which is more than it deserves these days. But back when it first premiered it actually showed good movies.

          1. I don’t disagree about PBS, I was mostly just checking. Even now I think I could get by with just PBS’s myriad offerings, particularly as my local affiliate shows some really great classic movies. Hey, The Simpsons was great, ground breaking TV in its day. Fox was a decent network, for a time.

            1. Back in the day, as they say. 🙂 When I’d sneak out of bed in the hope that Fox would re-run Little Shop of Horrors so I could tape it. A good, young TV network’s like the Wild West: anything could happen. Sometimes its even nice. These days though, the internet’s taken that flag and run with it. Far as broadcast TV’s concern, and I’m totally with you: fuck all the rest, make mine PBS.

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