2 thoughts on “The Innocent (2011)”

  1. I’m not saying its a literary masterpiece like Ben Hur and the such, but what do you have against Transformers 3? I’ll admit one was great as a start and 2 was horrible, but watching 3 was very fun eye candy. Is it the plot? is it that it’s Michael Bay and we should all be against MB films? Is it something deeper? I’ll admit, i’m not very astute in action films and what they require but i just wanted to know why you are soooooo against THAT film if not others that i would think are much worse in action or fantasy.

    PS – always great reviews! keep em coming.

    1. Thank you, Montrel. They will keep coming, rest assured.

      A primer on “what [I] have against Transformers 3” lives in my reviews of Transformers 1 and the three parts of my Revenge of the Fallen review.

      The short answer is, “Michael Bay’s made the same damn film for last fourteen years and people keep letting him get away with it for whatever reason. And that sucks because all it does is lower our expectations, desensitizing us to crappy movies, giving big studios free reign to inflict a plague of them upon us every year, invariable as the tide.” The long answer should be done sometime in early November.

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