Gen 13 (2000)

Our review of the Gen 13 movie, from The Year 2000. “Wait…they made a Gen 13 movie?” That’s what I said! You never heard about it because it was made with Disney assets…as Gen 13 was in the process of being by DC Comics, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers. Why would the WB release a movie made by their oldest rivals? Even if it does feature “intellectual property” they now own? And so it goes…straight to video. In Australia.

4 thoughts on “Gen 13 (2000)”

    1. Though to be fair, Cloris Leachman was winning Oscars before Hamill even got to Tatooine. And these days she’s got more Emmys on her shelves than most people have books. They might as well have renamed Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series “the Cloris Leachman Award” during Malcolm In the Middle‘s original run.

    1. Oh hell yes. And when I go back to tweak a few of this thing’s clumsier edits I’ll be sure to find a way to make my enthusiasm even more pronounced.

      In the meantime, here’s a little fourth-wall destruction: I begun scripting Gen 13 as I put the finishing touches on Elektra and had both Catlin Fairchild and Roxy Spaulding firmly in mind when I wrote that joke. Honestly though, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing, as well as a backdoor way to solicit requests and recommendations. I see now that I gave myself a slight case of foot-in-mouth disease by totally neglected 2009’s direct to DVD Wonder Woman movie, an unconscionable slight to the Princess Diana of Themyscira which I plan to correct post-haste. (Meaning, given my schedule, anywhere from two to four weeks from now.)

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