Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Our review of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s third foray into Space Opera, the first one to truly embrace the form. It’s a’ight. Got a talking raccoon in it. And a talking tree. And New-Uhura. And a pro wrestler who can actually act.


4 responses to “Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)”

  1. Charles Phipps Avatar

    It’s so hard coming up with GOOD things to say about movies, isn’t it?

    1. David DeMoss Avatar
      David DeMoss

      Not when they deserve it.

  2. Ryan Avatar

    Honestly Guardians 2 is awesome. They do a lot of good in the end of the film (saving Xandar) and Peter’s distracting Ronan worked because its so ridiculous even ronan would be caught off guard. And Peter’s whole arc is learning to care for others and stop being an asshole

    Ego being kicked down the road worked. You can’t cram everything. The first film works to establish the family

    It has no empty calories

    1. David DeMoss Avatar
      David DeMoss

      Counterpoint: it’s all empty calories. Which (believe it or not) is not a condemnation. I consume far too much alcohol to object to empty calories, at this point.

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