Carrie (1976)

Our review of the first adaptation of a Stephen King novel, based on his first published book. Directed by Brian De Palma and starring a bunch of people who would go on to be more famous than the bunch of already-famous people who are their co-stars, it’s even better than you remember it. And it’s certainly better than any other film with the name “Carrie” attached to it (as of this writing).


2 thoughts on “Carrie (1976)”

  1. What, no Greatest American Hero references? Worst. Review. Ever

    Just kidding man. Great review as always. I still need to go out and watch this film (my parents never had many horror movies in the house and I’ve been playing catch-up on horror cinema most of my adult life). Thanks for selling this movie to me better than any ad or shots of prom devastation ever has.

    Also regarding The Rage: I think we need to figure out name a trope over this kind of phenomenon of making sequels to films that left absolutely no room for a sequel. My working title “The Highlander 2 Principle” but I’m open to suggestions.

    1. The sensation you’re feeling…is the Quickening…

      Except, no. You know what we should name it after? Jaws 2.

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