Titanic (1997)

Our review of the Titanic movie you probably expected me to talk about two videos ago. Part The Last of our Titanic Trilogy.


8 responses to “Titanic (1997)”

  1. Filip Önell Avatar
    Filip Önell

    Not as good as Jason Takes Manhattan.

    1. David DeMoss Avatar
      David DeMoss

      And yet, slightly-less aggravating than Part V: A New Beginning. Though nowhere near as funny.

  2. ProfessorMortis Avatar

    Never seen it. My mom’s old VHS tape set sits in my entertainment center, daring me to do so.

    1. David DeMoss Avatar
      David DeMoss

      NO!!!! You have so much to live for! And so many things you could do with those three hours.

      1. ProfessorMortis Avatar

        I’ll do it someday. If there’s one thing I hate its never knowing what the hell people were on about.

        1. David DeMoss Avatar
          David DeMoss

          So we were cursed by the same malicious entity. Always good to know these things for sure.

    2. monoceros4 Avatar

      I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch this even with the aid of Rifftrax, and they’ve gotten me through some pretty dire movies in the past. (Don’t think I’d have made it through Fantastic Four 2 without Mike Nelson’s help. Couldn’t make it more than an hour into Twilight though even with the help.)

      1. David DeMoss Avatar
        David DeMoss

        I’m not ashamed to admit that, when I say “now that I’ve watched it twice more for this review” the second time was just for the Rifftrax commentary as a reward to myself for having written the script.

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