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  1. My God, I think you sort of just made me swing around on this film – now I always thought it was maybe a litte bit better thean average -but your discussion of Zod’s and Jonathan’s motives actually opened my eyes to a surprising level of sophistication from the guy who SUCKER PUNCHED me.
    Amy Adams is always awesome, Cavill and Fishburne are perfect

    I agree with everything but the only positive sentence you have ever uttered about the Johnsian pox upon the land. I used to think it never mattered because he wasn’t writing anyone I cared about. Then he started writing the JUSTICE LEAGUE. And the New 52 was all about turning the entire universe into his visage, like Darkseid. Why can’t the man go ruin Marvel?

    1. Glad to hear that worked. The “Superman’s Two Dads” line of reasoning was the closest thing I could find to an Original or Creative Thought about all this.

      I think the reasons Johns hasn’t jumped ship yet are entirely down to his personal fandom (and the fact DC keeps promoting him – that probably helps, too.) According to his own origin story, those weren’t X-Men comics in his family attic – they were Green Lantern and Teen Titans. Besides, he only crawled his way into DC in the first place through Richard Donnor’s pipeline. And once you’re in, all signs point to DC being a snug, cloistered little (boy’s) club that will shelter and protect you, no matter how awful you might be as a writer, or a human fucking being. At one point, there was a line in here where I threw (years late, but still sadly necessary) shade on former Supes editor Eddie Berganza for his being a known serial groper, unable to keep his hands to himself around the office or the convention floor, doing nothing but making it worse for the rest of us, ruining our already-useless reputation…but I cut it for time and in the name of killing my darlings.

      But, hey – with Rebirth chugging along, at least now we all get to watch ol’ Geoff try and blame everything on Alan Moore. An Aliens vs. Predator situation if ever I saw one.

  2. I look forward even more then usual to the sequel’s review because you hint at being heretical. Always love them heresies.

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