Crysis (2007)

Our review of the 2007 video game Crysis. the 2007 FPS originally released for PC and ported over to home consoles in 2011 so plebs like me wouldn’t be completely lost when we played the then-upcoming Crysis 2. We were still lost, but that’s another story…Spoiler alert for the entire game, obviously. Part One of what’s sure to be an interminable series I’m going to temporarily call “The Decline of the First-Person Shooter.”

2 thoughts on “Crysis (2007)”

  1. Love the fact you’re now reviewing video games. Never played Crysis but looks like it would have been fun. I would have commented earlier but have been promoting my novel(s): The Rules of Supervillainy and Esoterrorism. I think one or the other might be up your alley.

    But yes, the sheer straight-facedness of a North Korean superpower as the enemy makes this game already interesting to me.

  2. Dude, we all want a good Predator game to call our own. I’ve never even watched Predator all the way through and I still want one.

    Anyway, excellent review. I’ve never given a toss about the Crysis games but after this I’m at least going to give it a whirl, if only to fight flying octopi from beyond the farthest star.

    Also, who would be the better developers to produce a Predator game: Rocksteady or Crytech?

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