6 thoughts on “Gamera vs. Guiron (1969)”

  1. I find that I prefer your video reviews of older movies to your reviews of current ones. You have greater access to video clips so there’s less repetition and the clips are more relevant. And, with the older movies, I’ve either seen the film already or I know that probably won’t, so I can watch your review without caring about spoilers.

    This has been your audience feedback for the day.

    1. Appreciate it. I feel more or less the same for more or less the same reasons. Thing is, though, the New Release reviews generate hits at a solid 2 to 1 ratio, vs. the older releases so, as nice as it is to self-direct, I am still subject to certain economic realities.

        1. Indeed. Damn it to all seven hells and leave it in that room at the deepest level, where all Michael Bay’s films play on a permanent loop throughout all eternity.

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