An Announcement: Crash Re-course

First, the sad news: no new video this week. But in much happier news, there’s no new video (a) because Emerald City Comic Con was last weekend and (b) – we got ourselves a whole stack of new A/V equipment Monday morning – not in time for Emerald City, but in plenty of time for my return. Because of this, we’re in the middle of learning all our new equipment’s ends and outs and changing our entire lighting scheme to combat our presenter’s hideousness. New stuff is in the works, including the requested Upcoming Review Schedule and various ideas kicking around the old brain pan. Again, thank you for your patience in advance: it’s very much appreciated. If all goes well, we’ll be back in a flash.

...assuming the gorillas don't eat our brains first.
…assuming the gorillas don’t eat our brains first.

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