4 thoughts on “Die Another Day (2002)”

  1. Yeah, for me this was pretty much the film that took everything one knew about a Bond film and did it wrong. None of the cast looks as if they care about anything except the money, the script is lifeless, the effects are blatantly edited in later (especially that surfing sequence)…

    This and The Two Towers were the last films I saw in cinemas.

    1. Goldeneye and Die Another Day are two films ,to me look, far more dated than they should be because of their special effects; the former movie with it’s excessive use of models and the later with it’s excessive use of CGI.

  2. I still will defend this movie up until Bond sets foot in the “DNA therapy clinic”. Granted, I could have done with a little less glibness but Die Another Day was shaping up to be a vast improvement over any of Brosnan’s previous films; the highlight being Brosnan’s Bond convincingly pissed at M. After that, the film just looses it’s way entirely because once again, the writers wimped out and just had to go back to old excess because we as the audience would not accept anything new. Also the kids, don’t forget the kids. We need to see hip TV commercial/music video editing and an entire cast of villains no older than 35. Is this worst Bond film ? I don’t know. I think Quantum of Solace and A View To a Kill give this one a run for it’s money.

  3. It is complete shit, yes.

    The Invisible Car, DNA manipulation, the big ass laser from Diamonds are Forever, surfing (twice!), the ninja heart stop trip, and so on–it’s just bizarre anyone had ever thought it. Throw in a North Korean War with South Korea (which is just flat out Tom Clancy insane geopolitics) and it’s just–deranged. Oh and Hally Berry is just…well you know, you’ve seen the movie!

    What really pisses me off is this is blatantly a combination of the unused parts of the literary Moonraker (a Nazi pretends to be a British man via plastic surgery so he can nuke London with a nuke he builds for the British government) combined with Diamonds are Forever. It was a horrible way to end the Brosnan Era, which wasn’t BAD until this point.

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