The Traumatic Cinematic Podcast: Hitchcocktober Episode II – Attack of the Knowledge

Good evening...
Good evening…

Once again, the Traumatic Cinematic Show plumbs the depths of Alfred Hitchcock’s filmography, discussing 1956’s The Man Who Knew Too Much…which inevitably brings up 1934’s Man Who Knew Too Much, and how remakes in general don’t have to suck. This, as you might imagine, gets terribly serious. So we’ve counterbalanced it with a discussion of Bill Murray’s 1997’s vehicle, The Man Who Knew Too Little. And then I go a little crazy, but I hope you’ll all understand. I’ve done my best to document my problems with 1997 and we’ll have another opportunity to go over them very soon. Until then, visit Traumatic Cinematic on Facebook, follow Traumatic Cinematic on Twitter, send your hate mail to TraumaticCinematic [at] gmail [dot] com and tell all your friends about me and my friends, and how we get together once a week to talk about movies.

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