The Traumatic Cinematic Halloween Variety Show Spectacular

In honor of this Most Wonderful Time of the Year, when the boundaries between worlds are at their thinnest, The Traumatic Cinematic Podcast presents exactly 66 minutes and 6 seconds of spooky (and, in one noteworthy instance, sexy) stories from the absolute best in modern podcasting. Join our Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde of a host Lewis (@GenXnerd *MuGumBo*) Cougill,  Mike (@Greymattersplat) Wickliff, Jon (@AfterMovieDiner) Cross, Moe (@DrunkonVHS) Porne, Sexy (@DirtybitPodcast) Sherry, Corey (@WizemenFilms) Miller, and, of course, me – your humble narrator – as we fuse the best parts of Old and New Schools into one great big pulsating, ulcerated mass of ear-candy.

Obligatory warning, so no one can say I didn’t give you one: this podcast contains explicit situations described in explicit language. Explicitly. Listener discretion is advised…because none of us want to find out how prudish you really are.

Download episode here (right click – save target/link as)

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