A Night to Remember (1958)

Our review of the Titanic movie to end all Titanic movies, based on the bestselling book of the same name by Walter Lord. Part Two of our Titanic Trilogy.

5 thoughts on “A Night to Remember (1958)”

  1. I saw this recently and it was pure fucking genius. The fact of the matter is, you don’t need to focus on specific characters; A Night to Remember takes humanity apart and reveals it’s ugliness and ineptitude and you feel for anyone who is given the shit end of the stick. James Cameron’s stupid movie didn’t care about the tragedy, it was just a half assed Romeo and Juliet but only Romeo dies.

    1. …and the real stupidity of it all struck me when I realized Cameron didn’t give any more of a shit about Not-Romeo or Not-Juliet than I did. To him, those two were little more than tour guides – following them gave him an excuse to shoot every last millimeter of those beautiful sets he spent so long rebuilding. To me, the both of ’em seem a cynical, manipulative ploy to draw the ignorant and foolish into a painfully paint-by-numbers story. If it were animated and shot through with gratuitous musical numbers, it’d be the most depressing Disney film since Bambi.

        1. True, dat. Where the hell are his fans? Here’s a guy with nine James Bond movies under his belt, but was that enough? No. He went on to be the Art Director for Boys from Brazil and taught us all what a terraforming colony might look like thanks to his work on Aliens…Sure, one of those Bond films was Die Another Day…but what the hell, right? They can’t all be winners.

          1. Many Bond fans find his work great, as do I, but Lamont could not beat the master himself; Ken Adam.

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