Trash Cutlture’s (Post-apocalyptic) Christmas in July (in December)

A review of the Christmas episode That Should Not Have Been from the long-canceled Fox TV series Whoops! Written by Chad Denton of Trash Culture and The Good The Bad and The Ugly fame. Presented by yours truly.

(Originally published July 25, 2011…as the title would suggest.)

5 thoughts on “Trash Cutlture’s (Post-apocalyptic) Christmas in July (in December)”

      1. Early 90s? Sort of, if you count running around graveyards at night, playing role-playing games, and generally failing to get anywhere with girls as “something better to do”.

        1. From my outsider’s perspective, that sounds rather awesome, actually. So, yeah. Totally counts.

          1. I’m not gonna lie to you, I get nostalgic sometimes.

            Still, hard to believe that I didn’t notice a post apocalypse comedy on TV, but I suppose since it was a standard, and from these clips, truly horrific, sitcom, its understandable.

            Also, looks like Santa was played by one of the “anchors” on Not Necessarily the News.

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