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    1. Yes, you may laugh, because that’s about the size of it. Starting in Florida, no less. I guess Nu Sue jumped on Highway 1 as soon as they let her out of the bacon shack. Because Number 1 Witnesses to massive, rural American tragedies are totally allowed to go on long road trips…it’s just that most of them end on the sets of daytime talk shows or the nighttime talking head “news.” But not so for Nu Carrie – she decided to go the Hard Traveling Heroes route. If they’d gotten their series, I would’ve spent the whole time waiting for Nu Carrie meet Hal Jordan and Ollie Queen going the other way. Far as I’m concerned, we didn’t just dodge a bullet here, we dodged an ICBM.

  1. Since I may never get another chance to bring this up: If you think those visuals are bad, watch the CGI money shot from the Langoliers.

    1. Oh, believe me, I have. Saw it when it first aired, in fact, and totally forgot to mention it during the “King Things I Actually Bothered to Watch” rundown. As usual, I got distracted by It and my fantasy of a Gianax-led It remake. Since we’re remaking everything, hoping to mine every last penny nostalgia can trick from the pockets of thirty-somethings, we might as well turn them over to professionals.

      But don’t worry, Brother Onion: you’ll get another chance.

  2. Okay, really? They thought they could make a series out of this?! With the “wouldn’t pass the grade for community theater” acting, the special effects of an Asylum production and the directoral flourish of a shot-on-shitteo movie… somebody thought that would make a series?! I’m, surprised this went to air AT ALL. I know quality control is at best a joke in the Land of Free and The Home of the Brave, but I didn’t think producers and TV CEOs had that low of an opinion on the taste of the American public.

    1. Never underestimate how much TV executives underestimate the average person. Especially in 2002, during the Last Great Gasp of Big Ticket, Stephen King-based, made-for-TV miniseries. They’d do another Salem’s Lot in 2004, and throw the pearl that is Desperation before ABC’s herd of swine two years after that…but for the most part, King’s focus seemed to shift around this period. I remember Kingdom Hospital being a Big Deal because it, at least, was an original work done specifically for television, with all the compromises that entails built into the project from Day One. We also saw a resurgence in “real” King-based movies (Dreamcatcher, Secret Window…eventually The Mist) and, checking the IMDb, I notice he started letting hungry, young filmmakers make festival-filling shorts out of his short stories…something I wish he’d done back in the 80s, instead of selling Night Shift off piecemeal to whomever.

      Of course, I ignored most of this at the time because I had a Dark Tower series to finish reading.

  3. Well, the first time I saw this movie was a few weeks ago after Christmas… and I have to say…. this is a pretty damn good remake of the original film from 1976

  4. I think you should round out your Carrie collection by reviewing the 2014 movie. Yes, you’re reviewing the same damn movie three times and looking for minute differences but what do you exist for save as a proxy for fans to abuse and insist on analyzing. Also, the acting is SIGNIFICANTLY better.


      1. I can’t wait. I just watched the movie with my wife and did my own review. http://unitedfederationofcharles.blogspot.com/2014/06/carrie-2013-review.html

        While nothing will stand up to the original, having watched this one, I’m stunned at how much the 2002 gets wrong. The emotional chords just come off as all wrong. The 2013 is different from the 1976 and definitely inferior but it wasn’t a complete failure and remembered the audiences sympathies are to be with our budding telekinetic butcher. Here, the town-massacre (which I think the 1976 and 2013 movies were wise to remove) comes off as especially injustified as Carrie was to be crazy with rage.

        Here, she’s dissonantly calm–in addition to horrid special effects.

        1. I don’t know…doing Carrie without the destruction of Chamberlain is like doing Return of the King without the Battle of the Black Gate…but we’ll see…

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