The Oscars, Their Whiteness & Their Utter Contempt for Us All: An Exercise in Overanalysis

Oscars So White

Greyscale is in one menu, Hue and Saturation are in two others. Ponder this.

It’s Oscar time again. Which means it’s time for everyone to break into their pre-existing camps and start hating each other. In marketing terms, controversy is a “guaranteed buy” for my fellow Americans, especially in an Election Year™ as depressing as this one’s sure to be. This year the controversy comes with its own Twitter hashtag, same as last year, because that’s just the age we live in. But at least this hashtag has the benefit of expressing a true statement: #OscarsSoWhite Continue reading

Bloodborne Part 1 – The Adventures of Carrie Bloodstein

Thanks to the generous donation of a friend & the fact it’s October, let’s play some Bloodborne, a game of Gothic Victoriana, melee-fighting werewolves, giant dudes with bricks, and blood-based techno-magic. It’s insane. I love it and I’m going ramble incoherently over it until you do, too.

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